Department of Public Works


Sam Digirolamo


Huey Comeaux

Assistant Director

Shelly Lyerla

Administrative Assistant


(225) 686-3030


(225) 686-2898


The Livingston Parish Public Works Department is responsible for maintaining roadways, roadside mowing and drainage on more than 833 miles of roads and 1,548 miles of canals and ditches throughout the parish.

The department is divided into five main divisions below:
- Administration provides customer service and internal logistics for the department’s 69 workers.
- Roads & Bridges maintains more than 833 miles of parish roadways, including road surfacing and signage. Maintain 77 road bridge crossings along with numerous lateral ditch bridges.
- Drainage maintains 715 miles canals and drainage lateral ditches, as well as more than 1,666 miles of roadside ditches.
- Solid Waste Division maintains 7 sewer systems and 2 rural water services.
- Animal Control operates the Animal Shelter Facility and pick up vicious dogs on the request of the Sheriff Department.

The Department of Public Works offers the following services to the community:
- Bridge maintenance
- Culvert cleaning
- Driveway pipe installation
- Right-of-way mowing
- Roadside drainage
- Roadway maintenance
- Sign installation / replacement
- Tree removal (within R/W)
- Roadside litter pick up along with white goods and vegetative debris
- Providing sandbags for flood control when weather threatens to create flooding conditions
- Parish Water and Sewer System Operation and Maintenance
- Repair parish vehicles and road equipment and provide a preventative maintenance program

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