Livingston Parish Animal Shelter
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Sam Digirolamo


Desiree Green

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Animal Shelter Phone

(225) 686-7798

The Livingston Parish Animal Shelter has been built for over ten years but with the recent press exposure, there has been an influx of dogs. The shelter had added an additional 24 kennels and an isolation area paid for with a grant. This addition should be complete in 3-4 weeks. It is a work in progress. Please be patient.

The shelter currently picks up only from sheriff department calls pertaining to vicious dogs or bite cases, cruelty cases, and abandonment cases resulting in charges being pressed against the owner. At this time, the shelter does not pick up strays in the parish. The shelter only provides services for dogs.

The shelter employee’s are contacted through the LP Sheriff’s Department after receiving calls from the public. If the call is warranted by shelter requirements, the employee on call is dispatched to the scene. Once at the shelter, the dogs are vaccinated, wormed, and fed. The shelter employees evaluate each dog and treat minor conditions they may have been brought in with. They will also evaluate each dog to see if could be adoptable to a good home. Most of the dogs that are picked up are from cruelty cases and are obedient and loving dogs that deserve a second chance.

The dogs that are deemed adoptable have been vaccinated, wormed, vaccinated for rabies, and spayed or neutered. The spaying and neutering are being funded by Pet-Aid, a non-profit. The adoption fee is $60.00. The shelter is open 7 days a week for the public to stop by and visit our facility and see if there is a dog who will steal your heart in exchange for a good home.

The shelter recently installed a land line phone and Internet. The shelter phone number is (225) 686-7798. There is a recorder that will pick up if no one is available. The email address, Facebook link and web link will be publicized as soon as it becomes established.

There have been several individuals and organizations that have donated supplies and materials and time to the shelter and deserve a special thank you. We have had inquiries on accepting volunteer help as well. After the construction is complete, we would love to have individuals who are willing to spend time with the dogs and share their love with our little guys and girls.

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