Building and Permit Department

In 2001, the Livingston Parish Council adopted an ordinance establishing building codes and inspections for Livingston Parish.

Our office is divided into two main divisions, Building and Permit Department.

The Permit Department is responsible for issuing permits for all renovations, new residential and commercial construction including but not limited to all electrical, mechanical and plumbing permits. The department also issues occupancy permits for all structures including the addressing of structures. Because Livingston Parish participates in the National Flood Insurance Program, the permit office is responsible for enforcing the Floodplain Prevention Ordinance to ensure that such development meets FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) regulations to ensure the structure is safe from flooding.

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The Home Rule Charter establishes the Department of Finance and provides for its duties and responsibilities.

Our mission is to foster and preserve public trust and confidence through innovative and responsible financial management systems that ensure the delivery of efficient, effective services responsive to the needs of the citizens in accordance with the best recognized principles of governmental finance.

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The Livingston Parish Grants Department is dedicated to improving Livingston Parish through seeking, developing, securing and managing federal, state and local grants. These grants secure funding for many of our parish projects. Without this source of income, Livingston Parish would not be able to complete projects such as, but not limited to: infrastructure, coastal restoration, community development, economic development initiatives and homeland security funding for fire protection, law enforcement and emergency responders.

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Planning and Development

Livingston Parish is one of the fastest growing parishes in our state. It is our charge to manage this accelerated growth rate as outlined in Chapter 13 on the Livingston Parish Code of Ordinances. Most of these items include minor subdivision, subdivisions without improvements, and subdivisions with improvements, commercial projects, multi-family (apartments, town houses, condos, etc.) or mobile home parks.

The Planning and Development Department strives to develop, maintain, and implement a plan for harmonious development and growth which promotes the health, safety, morals, order, conveniences, prosperity and general welfare of our parish.

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Public Works

The Livingston Parish Public Works Department is responsible for maintaining roadways, roadside mowing and drainage on more than 833 miles of roads and 1,548 miles of canals and ditches throughout the parish.

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