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On May 14, 2014, Livingston Parish leaders teamed to launch a new campaign.  The goal of that campaign is to keep Livingston Parish clean.


The Livingston Parish President’s Office, The Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office, ‘Keep Livingston Beautiful’ and ‘Livingston Parish Tourism’ Officials are behind the newly created ‘Livingston Parish Litter Control’ program.


Parish President Layton Ricks says, ‘Livingston Parish is growing so fast.  We have new industry leaders wanting to relocate.  We have potential residents looking for a place to raise their families.  They are all looking for – and will choose – an area that is clean and maintained.  While litter is always a problem – anywhere – we want to battle it effectively here.’



‘Keep Livingston Parish Beautiful’ and ‘Livingston Parish Tourism’ Officials purchased new equipment for the ‘Livingston Parish Litter Control’ program.  That equipment will be used by employees with the Livingston Parish Department of Public Works who will cut grass after trash is cleared from the grounds.  That equipment will also be used by supervised Livingston Parish Inmates in an effort to remove all trash – daily – from parish roadways…specifically targeting major corridors.   


Sheriff Jason Ard says joining the program was an easy decision because, ‘I’ve always said a clean neighborhood makes for a safe neighborhood.  That’s why we at the Sheriff’s Office have no problem doing our part to make sure Livingston Parish is clean and safe.’


Parish President Layton Ricks says, ‘this team effort is a way to maximize the effort, while minimizing the cost of ridding Livingston Parish of litter.’


The hope is all Livingston Parish residents will join the effort to keep Livingston Parish clean.