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Another Step to Fix Flood Insurance

Dear Friend,

Good news! My Senate Homeland Security Appropriations Bill I presented today will prevent FEMA from raising flood insurance rates on grandfathered properties. It passed out of subcommittee and moves to the full Appropriations Committee this Thursday.

This is an important step towards fixing flood insurance rates for Louisiana families and businesses.

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I also announced today that FEMA Associate Administrator, David Miller, who oversees the National Flood Insurance Program, will join me on Aug. 8, 2013, to meet with Louisiana citizens affected by NFIP rate increases and see the flood protection infrastructure financed and built by our local communities.

Through this visit, I hope FEMA will come to understand that flood insurance is about more than just numbers and actuarial tables. It is about our communities; it is about our culture; and it is about preserving this unique and treasured way of life.

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As I’ve said for some time, flood insurance must be affordable, accessible and self-sustainable – one without the others will not work for the people of Louisiana. Today’s legislation and the FEMA visit announcement are important steps towards achieving that goal, and I will continue to work to pass my SMART NFIP Act to provide a more comprehensive solution to this problem.


Mary Landrieu