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Click the link below to view the parish roads.

Criteria for accepting existing roads into the PArish Maintenance System.
1) Must have five (5) residential structures in place front said road.

2) Gravel or asphalt roads with open ditches are to have sixty foot (60′) right-of-way, gravel roads with closed drainage are to have fifty foot (50′) right-of-way and asphalt roads with curb and gutter and subsurface drainage are to have fifty foot (50′) right-of-way.

3) Gravel roads must have twenty foot (20′) surface with three inches (3″) washed gravel or crushed limestone. Asphalt roads must meet parish standards as described in Sec. 13-54.1, Paragraph B.

4) Dead-End streets shall have cul-de-sac or T-turnaround that meets the parish standards as described in Sec. 13-54.1, Paragraph B. Subsection 8.

5) Pictures of the road and residential structures must be presented to the full Livingston Parish Council.

6) Complete ownership of land and mineral rights within the right-of-way shall be deeded to Livingston Parish. If the mineral rights have been transferred or alienated such as to prevent ownership from vesting in the Livingston Parish, the Council may, in its discretion, refuse to accept such streets into the Parish system.

7) Acceptance into the Parish System must be approved by the Parish Council.

8) Minimum of 1,056′ road length required.

9) Property owners must provide to parish a complete survery of road right-of-way to be dedicated to parish.